International Festival and Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art

13th – 17th December 2014

avantgarde tirol - new music on a high level


1993 – 2010: 

17 years avantgarde tirol, Festival for New Composition and Audio-Art
17 years of New Composition and Audio-Art in our Academy
17 years of new sound art and fresh impulses for Tirol

Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef | Foto: Alexandra Grill
Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef
Photo: Alexandra Grill

Music and Light | © avantgarde tirol
Music and Light
© avantgarde tirol

Music and politics | LHStv Hannes Gschwentner | Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef | © avantgarde tirol
Music and politics
LHStv Hannes Gschwentner
Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef
© avantgarde tirol

Music and glass | © avantgarde tirol
Music and glass
© avantgarde tirol

Festival avantgarde tirol 2010
once again in the RATTENBERG region

Festival avantgarde tirol 2010 - once again in the RATTENBERG region. The first avantgarde in Rattenberg, Radfeld and Kramsach was a resounding success in the region, both with public and press. It is therefore with delight that I begun to conceive and plan the 2010 festival. However, it saddens me that the Tirol Regional Government is supporting us with only half of their usual sponsorship. For this reason it will not be possible to hold Academy classes in 2010.

Since the beginning of the 3rd millenium, the internationally recognised festival "avantgarde tirol", with its established International Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art", has received a grant of 60.000,- Euro from Tirol Regional Government. This was the case under LR Günther Platter and remained unchanged under LR Dr. Elisabeth Zanon, LH / Kultur-LR DDr. Herwig van Staa and LR Dr. Erwin Kohler. With this level of support the Tirol Government laid a solid basis for our international activities. We managed well with this sum and, with middle-range planing within a three year framework, avantegarde tirol has been able to function succuessfully.

Since in 2010 - as in 2008 and 2009 - we must get along with a 50% reduction in regional sponsorship to the sum of 30.000,- Euro, the Academy has unfortunately to be suspended this year. We are only in a position to hold the festival. We hope that in 2011 the 14th Academy, with a class for Audio-Art in Kramsach and a class for instrumental composition either in the Kramsach or Rattenberg Music School, may once again take place. We regret that we must ask all interested composers from Korea to Canada, from Estonia to South Africa, to have patience for one more year! Applications may me submitted by composers, Audio-Artists and performers at any time.

However, I have put together an exciting festival programme for you, and the didactic side of our activities will this year not be neglected either. Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm will be holding a Workshop for Tirolean clarinet players - see below.

Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef
Initiator and organisor of avantgarde tirol

Malle Maltis
Malle Maltis

MALLE MALTIS winner of the 3rd ECPNM European Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects

More than 40 projects from all over Europe were proposed for the 3rd ECPNM European Competition for Live-Electronic Music Projects. An international jury selected 5 projects; on 21 August they were premiered during the Avantgarde Tirol festival in Rattenberg-am-Inn, Austria.

The jury, consisting of Helmut W.Erdmann, Henk Heuvelmans and Helmut Bieler, awarded composer Malle Maltis (Estonia) as winner of the competition. Her composition "Chameleon chant" (for violin and live-electronics) was performed by Barbara Lüneburg and the electronic part by Tammo Sumera.

The following works were selected for this final:
Andrea Vigani (Italy) – Policromia 1 (for violin & live-electronics)
Jon Aveyard (U.K.) – VVE (for electric violin and multi-effects pedal)
Malle Maltis (Estonia) – Chameleon chant (for violin & live-electronics)
Arturo Fuentes (Mexico/Austria) – Hymne 80 (for narrator and sensors)
Stelios Manousakis (Greece) – L'Hypothese de l'Atome (for live-electronics)

Violinist Barbara Lüneburg performed the works by Andrea Vigani, Malle Maltis and Jon Aveyard. Arturo Fuentes and Stelios Manousakis each performed their own works.

The winning project (and some of the other finalists) will be programmed in the festivals of several members of the ECPNM in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Italy in the coming year.

Malle Maltis (1977, Estonia) studied composition at the Estonian Academy of Music with professor Eino Tamberg and Toivo Tulev. In 2003 she completed her studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht with professor Henk Alkema. The years 2005/6 she spent in Italy, studying music and new technology with Roberto Doati, Giorgio Klauer and Paolo Pachini at the Conservatorio G.Tartini in Trieste. She also followed courses in Helsinki and Barcelona. Since 2004 Malle Maltis is a member of the Estonian Composers' Union. Her creation includes works for various chamber ensembles, string orchestra, music for solo instruments, a number of electro-acoustic compositions and film music.

FRANZ WURZENRAINER, Mayor of Rattenberg
Franz Wurzenrainer,
Mayor of Rattenberg


Due to local elections in April and the belated formation of cultural committees in some municipalities, planning for our region has suffered a certain amount of delay. However, I look forward to the six municipalities working together in the near future. We can now concentrate on the formation of a cultural network within the Rattenberg am Inn region. This concerns the six municipalities of Alpbach, Brixlegg, Kramsach, Radfeld, Rattenberg am Inn and Reith im Alpbachtal. Together they make up a beautiful region of some 15.360 inhabitants, fascinating in its multi-facetted compactness. They are municipalities embedded in an area of unique, stunning natural beauty that is much more than a mere back-drop. The magic of the ancient town and village centres, with their rich history, the many historically significant castles and churches, the ever present water of the Inn and the picturesque lakes, with their industries that have grown out of the old crafting skills - this particular magic repeatedly forms a symbiosis with the new, with new architecture and art. This vitality must be sustained in the future.

Franz Wurzenrainer
Mayor of the town of Rattenberg

Raoul Schrott | © Peter-Andreas Hassiepen
Raoul Schrott
© Peter-Andreas Hassiepen

RAOUL SCHROTT on the 18th of August in RATTENBERG at „avantgarde tirol 2010”

We are particularly delighted that Raoul Schrott will be helping us to turn the region of Rattenberg am Inn into an extraordinary audio-visual experience.

On Wednesday the 18th of August at 5 pm, the well known Tirolean writer together with mayors of the region will be opening the „Panta Rhei” Literary Path. Panta Rhei ... everything is in a state of flux ... art on the river ... ARTRIVER ... RIVERART ...

Placed between the Inn Gate and the former Toll House in Rattenberg, a succession of lyric texts by Raoul Schrott may be read, while „An Exclamationmark from an Imaginary World” (Alois Schild) warns the observer from the Kramsach side of the river.

At 7.30 pm Raoul Schrott will be reading in the Malerwinkel (Painters' Corner) in Rattenberg: love lyrics from the Ancient Egyptians to Sappho: with verses of the Nile ... from the canal in the field of the beloved one, to the flood and river bathing.

Erhard Busek | Photo: European Forum Alpbach
Erhard Busek
Photo: European Forum Alpbach



Erhard Busek (* 25th March 1941 in Vienna), the well known Austrian politician and former vice chancellor, is not only an elder statesman of European format and a renowned writer, he is also Principal of the Institute of the Danube Region and Central Europe, president of the European Forum Alpbach, Rector of the Salzburg Technical College and committee member of the organisation A Soul for Europe. From January 2002 till June 2008 he was special co-ordinator of the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe. Together with Oliver Vujovic of SEEMO (South East Europe Media Organisation) he annually presents the "Dr. Erhard Busek SEEMO Award for Better Understanding in South Eastern Europe" (since 2002). We are delighted that this prominent personality will be giving the festival speech for avantgarde tirol.

Marek Choloniewski | Director of the Muzyka Centrum Krakow
Marek Choloniewski
Director of the Muzyka Centrum Krakow

Tirol Day at the Alpbach Congress

The internationally renowned and successful ensemble Muzyka Centrum from Krakow gives a guest appearence with a concert focussing on modern classics and music of the third millenium. Since the concert takes place on the evening of the Tirol Day, a work by a Tirolean composer will also be performed. The concert offers an exciting view on the music of the last century, a music that knows no boundaries between countries or nations, but was created for the whole world, interpreted by musicians who belong to the best of their speciality and who work in constant collaboration with centres of New Music, as they have done with avantegarde tirol for many years.

Helmut W. Erdmann, President ECPNM
Helmut W. Erdmann
President ECPNM

Henk Heuvelmans, General Secretary of the ECPNM
Henk Heuvelmans
General Secretary of the ECPNM



Not in a European metropolis, but in the smallest town of Austria!

When the ECPNM (European Conference of Promoters of New Music) was founded in 1981 it was a self-help organisation of small festivals. Since then the ECPNM has grown to represent over 70 festivals and New Music organisations of various sizes.

Whereas in recent years meetings have been held in cities such as Salzburg, Heidelberg, Oslo, Amsterdam or Stockholm, we are delighted that the annual general meeting of the ECPNM will be held this year in Rattenberg, the smallest town in Austria.

The ECPNM accepts the invitation of "avantgarde tirol", that in 2010 will be held within the entire region of Rattenberg am Inn under the dedicated directorship of Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef. The central concept of the avantgarde tirol of allowing young composers to develop new works and explore new techniques under professional guidance - a concept that has proved successful for many years - will this year be "replaced" by the final round of the 3rd European competition for live electronic projects of the ECPNM. As the "grand finale" of the festival week, an international jury will choose the winning works. These may be presented by its member organisations in their own festivals.

In the present precarious financial situation throughout Europe, this solidarity between people and organisations dedicated to the furthering of culture - in this case contemporary music - on a regional, national and European level, takes on an existential importance. The ECPNM sees itself as a long-term partner of the activities of the avantgarde tirol. Thus the cultural region Rattenberg am Inn - alongside the European Forum Alpbach for Science, Economics and Politics, now in its 65th year - becomes the European centre of new developments in music.

We are delighted to be part of this - as we hope also other-ECPNM member organisations will be!

Helmut W. Erdmann, President ECPNM

Henk Heuvelmans, Secretary General ECPNM

Barbara Lüneburg | Violin, Viola

Barbara Lüneburg | Violin, Viola
Barbara Lüneburg
Violin, Viola
©Boštjan Lah


Young composers are premièred at avantgarde tirol 2010 within the framework of the 3rd European Competition for live electronics; Music Projects 2010

The ECPNM - European Conference of Promoters of New Music - presents the five finalists of the 3rd "European Competition for Live Electronics".
Music Projects 2010 in Rattenberg:

Category 1 (works for violin / electric violin und live electronics, played by Barbara Lüneburg):

1. Andrea Vigani (Italy) - Policromia 1

2. Jon Aveyard (Great Britain) - VVE, for violin and multi-effects pedal

3. Malle Maltis (Estonia) - neues Werk

Category 2 (works for live-electronics, interpreted by the composer)

4. Arturo Fuentes (Mexico/Austra, Hall in Tirol) - Hymne 80, for speaker and sensors

5. Stelios Manousakis (Greece) - L' Hypothèse de l'Atome

Miguel Azguime (Portugal) | composer, member of the international jury
Miguel Azguime (Portugal)
composer, member of the international jury


An international jury chooses the winners of the composition competition in Rattenberg

These five works will be premièred at the avantgarde tirol in a concert on the 21st of August. The jury, consisting of Miguel Azguime (Portugal), Giovanni Trovalusci (Italy), Helmut Erdmann (Germany) and Henk Heuvelmans (Netherlands) will then choose the winner of the competition. The winning work - and possibly other pieces from the concert of finalists - will be programmed for the festivals of jury members and other members of ECPNM for the concert season 2010/2011.

Arturo Fuentes | Photo: Julien Bourgeois
Arturo Fuentes
Photo: Julien Bourgeois


a Mexican composer living in Tirol, has also been chosen.

Arturo Fuentes (Mexico City, 1975). In his compositions he makes use of live-electronics, as well as literary, visual , scenic and other elements. He studied in Milan with Franco Donatoni. He completed his composition doctorate in Paris (dir. Horacio Vaggione), also finishing a one year course at IRCAM. Future projects include new works for musicicans such as: ensemble recherche (Germany), Ictus (Belgium), TENM (Innsbruck), Phace Contemporary Music (Vienna), Curious Chamber Players (Stockholm), Diotima Streichquartett (Paris), Percussions de Strasbourg (France), MDR Radiochor Leipzig, as well a collaboration with the guitarist Jürgen Ruck, the mezzo soprano Susanne Otto, the flutist Richard Craig, the viola player Garth Knox, the cellist Rohan de Saram and the pianist Alberto Rosado. He recently worked with the Belgian choreographer Johanne Saunier and the director and stage designer Jim Clayburgh on the project "Line of Oblivion" , based on texts of the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes. His articles have been published in Mexico, Denmark, Spain, Austria and Germany. Arturo Fuentes has lived in Europe since 1997.


Boguslaw Schaeffer
Boguslaw Schaeffer
Photo: Marek Ostafil

Horst Rickels | Photo: Elvira Wersche
Horst Rickels
Photo: Elvira Wersche

14th International Academy for New Composition and Audio Art 2011


Boguslaw Schaeffer, our spiritus rector and renowned composition teacher, and Horst Rickels, our equally sought after specialist for Audio Art, continue to remain faithful to avantgarde tirol. Since financial reasons make it impossible for us to hold the Academy in 2010, this must be postponed until 2011. Both professors wish to continue their valuable defining work for New Music and art in the cultural region of Rattenberg and look forward to being able to work once again with young artists. All applications from composers, designers and performers that have already been received automatically go forward into the final selection process for the 14th Academy for Composition and Audio Art in 2011.

New applications can be submitted at any time.


Rohan de Saram | Photo: Keith Wynn Photocraft (Hampstead) Ltd
Rohan de Saram
Photo: Keith Wynn

Max Engel
Max Engel


Two world class cellists:
Rohan de Saram and Max Engel at the opening of the Festival in Rattenberg am Inn

Rohan de Saram, son of immigrants from Sri Lanka, began to study cello at the age of 11 with Gaspar Cassado in Siena and Florence. At the age of 17 he studied with John Barbirolli and Pablo Casals. He has appeared as a soloist under conductors such as Adrian Boult, John Barbirolli, Malcolm Sargent, Zubin Mehta, Seiji Ozawa and Colin Davis and received a.o. the Suggia Award. From 1979 to November 2005 he was a member of the Arditti-Quartet, winning the Ernst von Siemens Music Prize in 1999. He has increasingly dedicated himself to first performances of works by contemporary composers such as Iannis Xenakis, György Ligeti, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Henri Pousseur, Luciano Berio, Simon Holt and James Dillon. Since 1999 he has worked together with Rajesh Mehta on the project Innovative Music Meeting. He led a study of drumming rhythms and melodies from Sri Lanka. He has also appeared as a member of the Saram Clarinet Trio, as a Duo with his brother Druvi de Saram and equally successfully as a soloist with the entire cello repertoire from the Baroque to the present day.

In this concert he meets "Tirolean bedrock" - namely Max Engel from the famous family of musicians. Since early youth Max Engel has aquainted himself with many instruments (Hackbrett, Zither, Raffele, fife, Jews' Harp and Chalumeau). He plays the Trumscheit, Baryton and Arpeggione. Engel studied Violoncello with Walter Kurz in Innsbruck and with Maurice Gendron in Saarbrücken. From 1964 -1978 he undertook concert tours with the Engel family throughout the whole of Europe, Australia, South Africa and Japan. He has played with ensembles such as the Collegium Aureum, Divertimento Salzburg, Il Giardino Armonico, the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges with Christoph Coin and is a member of Concentus Musicus under Nikolaus Harnoncourt. From 1974 to 2002 Max Engel has led the cello class at the Tirol Conservatory. Since 1980 he has repeatedly acted as tutor for Baroque cello at the International Summer Academy for Old Music in Innsbruck. He currently teaches at the Insitute for Music pedagogy at the Mozarteum University. In 1984 he was awarded the Jakob Stainer Prize of the Tirol Region. He sees the cultivation of contemporary music as a particulary important part of his activities. Many performances for the ORF Tirol bear witness to this.

Petra Stump
© Petra Stump

© Stump-Linshalm

© Stump-Linshalm

KRAMSACH, Landesmusikschule

August 2011

Within the framework of the Festival
"avantgarde tirol 2011":


?- Update ! - Works and playing techniques from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Participation welcomed from:
children, pupils of LMS Kramsach (recommended from the 3rd grade and beyond) and bass clarinetists from wind bands in the region, students of the Tirol Conservatory and Mozarteum University in Innsbruck

Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm, Götzis, Vorarlberg

Theme of the Workshop

In recent decades the clarinet in all its registers - from E-flat clarinet to contrabass clarinet - has grown in importance and has become an integral part of contemporary music. More than almost all other wind instruments, the clarinet offers many possibilities with regard to range, immense dynamic spectrum and the whole array of modern playing techniques that the instrument executes with such facility. In this workshop, alongside the learning of contemporary playing techniques and important works from the repertoire of the 20th und 21st centuries, a particular emphasis is laid on the bass clarinet.

It is the aim of the course leaders Petra Stump and Heinz-Peter Linshalm to encourage participants to engage with the unfamiliar, to help musicians discover their own path to contemporary music and to transport a curiosity and joy in the experiencing of new sounds. This clarinet course is definately not just for specialists!

Course subjects

Central to the course are alternative playing techniques such as multiphonics, microtones, continuous breathing and various articulation techniques (slap tongue, flutter tongue, vibrato etc.). Experiencing a variety of recordings, learning to read modern scores and improvisation round off the workshop.


20 musicians from Tirol may participate in this workshop. All participants receive a scholarship. Only a small registration fee of 10,- Euros is payable to the account of avantgarde tirol before the end of July.


avantgarde tirol
Mrs. Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef
Tel.: 0676 – 55 18 767

Landesmusikschule Kramsach
Tel.: 05337 – 63873 or

Margot Unterrader, Franz Wurzenrainer

M. Unterrader

F. Wurzenrainer


1 - Margot Unterrader, Director of the Regional
     Music School Kramsach and
2 - Franz Wurzenrainer, Mayor of Rattenberg
     am Inn

were this spring unanimously voted onto the avantgarde tirol committee. See also AVANTGARDE TEAM, where all committee members and avantgarde partners are profiled.

Boguslaw Schaeffer
Boguslaw Schaeffer
Photo: avantgarde tirol


Boguslaw Schaeffer celebrated his 80th birthday on the 6th of June 2009 in Krakow - in the best of health and spirits! We congratulate him to his jubilee year!

Composer Norbert R. Hoffmann | Photo: Christian Unterhuber
Composer Norbert R. Hoffmann
Photo: Christian Unterhuber


At the World Music Days of the International Society for Contemporary Music ISCM, held at various locations in Sweden between the 24th of September and the 4th of October in 2009, once again over 100 works by composers from about 50 countries were performed. As the only work from Ausrtria, an international jury had chosen "Huayno" for symphonic wind band by Norbert R. Hoffmann. The artist lives in Seefeld and is a committee member and founding member of avantgarde tirol.

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