International Festival and Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art

13th – 17th December 2014

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Hugh Davies

Hugh Davies
Audio-Art, Notes Towards a Definition

A performance, usually of a solo composition which allows considerable freedom to the performer, given by a musician or an artist from another medium, that involves a specially constructed, modified or assembled instrumentarium (everything from found objects to sound sculptures, and-treated in new ways-form traditional musical instruments to computer-controlled synthesizers), in which a substantial role is played by visual or the atrical elements.

Audio-Art also includes earlier mixed media forms such as instrumental Theatre and - when sound or music is used as an integral part - Performance Art, as well as parallel developments such as the radio Hörspiel.

In performance the relationship between the audio-artist and the audience is normally more informal, either more relaxed or more aggressive, than with conventional musical or theatrical performances.

The work of an audio-artist combines three elements that are normally carried out by three very different people:
- the craftperson: musical instrument builder or electronic designer (hardware or software)
- the composer
- the performer or interpreter

Hugh Davies

Composer, Audio-Artist (1943 - 2005)

© Hugh Seymour Davies
Published in the programme of the 3rd Academy 1995

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