International Festival and Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art

13th – 17th December 2014

avantgarde tirol - new music on a high level


Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef

Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef

was born in 1945 in Tilburg (Province of Brabant - The Netherlands). School matura and study of geography in Tilburg. She taught geography at the Sint Theresialyceum in Tilburg and the Sint Ursulalyceum in Roermond. In 1969 she emigrated to Austria, where she worked as technical medical assistant at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna (Vetmeduni Vienna) with the Tyrolean Prof. Kurt Arbeiter at the Institute for Obstetrics and Andrology. Since 1970 she has been married to the veterinarian surgeon Mag. Emmerich Penz from Obernberg am Brenner. She has worked as veterinary assistant in her husband's surgery for agricultural animals since 1980. Periods of work in Bavaria (Diedorf and Gessertshausen) and Upper Austria (Waizenkirchen).
She has three children; Bernike (* 1971 in Augsburg), Florian (* 1974 in Linz a.d. Donau) and Ivo (* 1978 Linz a.d. Donau). She has lived in Schwaz since 1984.
In the late 80's and early 90's Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef worked all over Europe as West-manager of the Krakow artists group "Muzyka Centrum", that is dedicated to the performance and proliferation of New Music. In the same period she was West-manager of the Warsaw/Krakow Duo "CH & K" (Choloniewski und Knittel, live computer music performers).

In 1993 she founded the International Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art in Schwaz/Tirol. In the same year the society avantgarde tirol was founded, of which she has been president until the present day.
In 2006, in Oslo, she was voted onto the managing committee of the Euopean Conference of Promoters of New Music.

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