International Festival and Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art

13th – 17th December 2014

avantgarde tirol - new music on a high level

Instrumental composition class

The next Instrumental Composition Class will be held in 2011 - during the 14th International Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art in the Regional Music School (Landesmusikschule) in Kramsach.

Prof. Boguslaw Schaeffer with student.
Professor Boguslaw Schaeffer
with the Korean composer Ji Young Kang

During the first week, participants will be aquainted with new compositional techniques. Individual tuition in instrumental composition will be offered (Prof. Dr. Bogusław Schaeffer).

Important aspects of the composition course are:

  1. Integration and disintegration of styles, material and form
  2. Development of structure as the only possible way of involving new ideas in music, such as an extended repertoire of compositional means, eg. New instumental techniques
  3. Interactive and algorhythmic composition
  4. Signal processing and transformation

Each participant is obliged to come to Tyrol with fresh ideas, a strong willpower and willingness to work. She/he must attend all lessons and commit her/himself to compose a work in Tyrol in which using some or all of the instruments offered - including computer if desired.

These works will be rehearsed and premièred by the instrumental tutors of the Academy in the final concert (,Urnacht'). This final concert - the ,Urnacht' - is the most important part of the avantgarde tirol festival. The ,Urnacht' in the concert in which an international young generation of composers presents itself to the Tyrol audience.

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