International Festival and Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art

13th – 17th December 2014

avantgarde tirol - new music on a high level

Our Academy

Prof. Boguslaw Schaeffer with student.
Professor Boguslaw Schaeffer with
Korean composer Ji Young Kang
© avantgarde tirol - Marek Ostafil

Prof. Horst Rickels mit Studenten | copyright avantgarde tirol: Marianne van Stappershoef
Prof. Horst Rickels with students
© avantgarde tirol: Marianne van Stappershoef

Prof. Edwin van der Heide mit Studenten in der Lichtakademie Aldrans | copyright avantgarde tirol - Alexandra Grill
Prof. Edwin van der Heide with students
in Lichtakademie Bartenbach, Aldrans
© avantgarde tirol - Alexandra Grill

The International Academy for New Composition and Audio-Art was founded in 1993 by Marianne Penz-van Stappershoef in Schwaz / Tirol and has since then been under her directorship. Since 1994 the Academy has been organised each year by the society avantgarde tirol. The composition class is led by Bogusław Schaeffer, the class for Audio-Art by Horst Rickels or Edwin van der Heide.

During a period of two weeks between the middle of August and the beginning of September, courses in instrumental composition and computer composition, concerts, performances, installations and exhibitions take place.

The Academy is financed by the Regional Government of Tirol, the Department of Education, Art and Culture of the Austrian Government, the municipalities of the Rattenberg am Inn region, by the society Friends of avantgarde tirol and by other private sponsors.

The avantgarde tirol is an associate member of the "European Conference of Promoters of New Music". Between 1993 and 1999 the society worked in close collaboration with the Muzyka Centrum and the Studio MCH (both in Krakow, Poland).

From 1993 to 1999 the results of our Academy were also presented to an interested Polish audience in highly successful concerts in galeries renowned for contemporary art in Krakow as well as in the Austrian Consulate in this town.

Until 2004 the Academy was held in Schwaz and from 2005 to 2007 in the Olympic municipality of Seefeld. In 2008 the Academy took place in Aldrans in the Lichtakademie Bartenbach. In 2009 it was only possible to hold the Audio-Art class von Prof. Horst Rickels, which took place in the Glas HTL in Kramsach.

In 2011 the avantgarde tirol should be well enough anchored in the region of Rattenberg am Inn to enable us to continue to hold the Academy once more, in Kramsach: the 14th Academy with a class for instrumental composition in the Regional Music School Kramsach and a class for Audio-Art in the GLAS HTL Kramsach.

Composers and performers who wish to take part in the 14th Academy 2011 may now submit their applications!

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